Instagram is the most popular social networking for photo and  video sharing. With +1 billion active users Instagram is the biggest worldwide and needs no introduction. 🌎

Now, talking about using Instagram with commercial purposes there are some facts you may find interesting:

·       32% of all Internet users are on Instagram.

·     130 million Instagram accounts tap on a shopping post to learn more about products every month.

·     200 million+ Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily

This kind of KPIS make of this channel a great place to boost your conversion rate. As in any other ad-supported platform, here you could track people' interactions with your brand, build and collect relevant content, and retarget custom audiences.

Meet Instagram Ads 💡

This great social media is a place where users spend 20+ minutes on Instagram per day, it allows people to chat, keep informed, socialize and more. Since it implicates tons of traffic there’s no wonder why:

78% of Influencers Prefer Instagram for Brand Collaboration”

Instagram has developed an Ads manager  for businesses in which you can create and run ads for  custom audiences, the same ones that can be optimized thanks to the data that Instagram gets from their users (interests, gender, demographic data among other criteria), therefore you can take advantage from this performant platform to generate more subscriptions, increase your conversions and reinforce the engagement with your brand. 🤝

But, getting the Click Through Rate (CTR) you expect is hard, and requires targeting the right audience and a large enough audience. Of course, Instagram will provide you with a very large audience. So you must target carefully to reach as many of the right people as possible

When B2B marketers run ads, their aim is not to just reach but to get the right people that will be able to make a decision when the opportunity to see your goods and services arrives.
Instagram Ads Manager

As you can see in the graphic, you’ll be in front of a large number of users which means the cost will be high in order to reach that amount of people. Another option can be to be more precise to define your audience but it that case the issue will be the time you’ll need to spend to do it and a lack of skills: you will need to be an expert.

Most of Ads campaigns created offer a good CPM but a really low CTR. In other words, afford or even manage such a big audience can easily become a strong pain for your brand and therefore your ads simply won’t be efficient as you expect. 🤦‍♂️

Indeed, create efficient ads is a complex task; One of the first and most important challenges is to define the right audience otherwise your campaign won’t succeed.

90% of an efficient ad it's based on the audience definition & segmentation

The Power of Retargeting 📢

Thanks to retargeting, some of the most effective campaign ads are happening.

  • With retargeting, you can multiple by 10 (x10) the CTR (click-through rate) of your Ads
  • The people who visit your website or interact with your posts/Ads have +70% chances to be converted and become customers.

Certainly, with retargeting you’ll bring back the people who showed some kind of interest in your previous campaigns therefore your reach will be more effective.

91% of marketers who have used retargeting have found it to perform the same as or better than search, email, or other display ads

Unfortunately, most of the retargeting services are complex,  require technical integrations and are only based/limited to website events…

Don’t worry! 🧘‍♂️

Now, imagine being able to retarget all the people who interact with your Instagram bio link, swipe-up to your link within an influencer's story or click on your Ads (even in third party platforms) and get the chance to enjoy the results of super-efficients Ads by sending a customized message to an ultra-segmented audience...

For example, being able to retarget everyone that swipe up a story of an Influence Campaign with influencers on Instagram but also Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Ads etc.

By the way, if would like launch an Influence Campaign, I advise you to use Favikon!🙌

After few trials of many other tools, it's a must have to find influencers you can trust, with more than 8.2M influencers available, insights to find the ones that meet your needs (micro to celebrity) and a great dashboard to organize them for each campaigns! 🤗

Usually we don't speak about any product but that one get our love! 💖If you would like to try it for free : (and no, it's not an affiliate link 🧐 Just a feeback on a product that really help us!)

In Switchy we’ve developed a plug & play platform in order to democratize this technology to marketers in the easiest way possible.  With just a few steps you’ll be able to boost your conversions and get on board of the retargeting era!

How to proceed? 🤷‍♂️

1) First, copy and paste an URL that you would like to short in Switchy. 🔗

For example an URL to your Amazon shop, to a white book,  to a blog article or to a product of your website than an Influencer will promote etc.

Thanks to Switchy's features, you can easily add UTMS and your own custom domain (like 🐱‍👤.

2) Add your retargeting Pixels to your link. These Pixels will help you to capture the audience that click and retarget it in Ads platform!

You can add retargeting Pixels of almost all the Ads platform like Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Pinterest, Quora, Bing.

Thanks to the Switchy's Academy, find your Pixels it's easy like taking candy off a baby 🍬 (How to find & add my Pixels ID?).

3) Well done, all is set! Now, shorten your link and share it within a story in an Ad or in your bio link. 👍

For example, let's make an Influence Campaign about our Winter sales that integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Ads & Bing retargeting Pixels.

Thanks to Switchy, the audience who click on your new link will be captured and you will be easily able to target or retarget it on different Ads platforms like Google ads, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

By targeting or retargeting a smaller audience but a super-segmented, some of our custumers boost their Ads campaigns up to +500%!  ✨

Instead of targeting random people in a uncertain audience based on demographic datas and pray for a clicks on your campaigns to generate conversions, you are now able to run Ads directly to the right audience!

Let's see for example how to target or retarget this audience on Facebook Ads in a nutshell. ✌

4) Retarget the audience that clicks on your  post (or Ads) on Facebook

Once you got some clicks on your link (check your dashboard to see it!), you can run an Ad to retarget people who click on your links. For that, you need to create an audience based on your clicks.

The first step will be to create the audience that you would like to retarget.

a) Connect to Facebook Ads Manager account (click here, it's shorter!).

b) After opening the “Business Manager”  tab and click on the “Events manager” section, in the "Measure and Report" column. And select the tab Pixels.

c) Then click on your pixel ID name.

d) In the same way, click on "Create Audience" and select “Custom Audience”.

e) To follow click on “People who visited specific web pages” as shown below

f) Then copy and paste your Switchy’s links on which your targeted audience clicks and “Create Audience”.

g) After all, select “Create an ad using the audience”.

You can now create a super-targeted campaign that targets or retargeted every user that clicks on your Facebook post!

Enjoy the boost, get conversions and sales!

Switchy helps thousands of marketers increase their conversion rate by generating ultra-segmented ads. Enjoy the smartest retargeting URL-shortener that allows you to shorten, customize, track and add retargeting pixels into your links before sharing them.

Get more for your links than never before with Switchy. Want to try it?

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